the writtings on the wall
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2003-04-25 10:51:24 (UTC)

6:45 AM

Yeah, it is 6:45 AM. I woke up this morning too early, hell
i dont even have to go to school for like an hour.. what is
wrong with me? I guess i have a lot to think about. Such as
which way to turn in the hellish road of life, or what i
should and shouldnt do from day to day. I try and think i
am a good person, but it boils down to it, and i would
never do those kind of things if a certian someone would be
standing right next to me. You no? Its Friday. It feels
liek the abstrude Mondays. Did you know 35% of experts say
mondays are too stressful on students. I think so too.
But .. then, if we omited mondays from school, Tuesdays
would be too stressful, then wednesdays and thurdsays, and
fridays, and then the world would be a "proud" holder of
millions and millions of stupid people. Damn.

Its so early, and i am mumbling. I think i am gonna go get
some coffee. Almeretto cream... yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaah!