Remember to Breathe
2003-04-25 10:22:17 (UTC)

23rd Psalm

Today was a good day in a wierd sort of way. It was very
uneventful, yet I feel like I am struggling to find my
peace. I am still on a "no alcohol" kick, and I am
finding it leaving me naked, and forcing me to deal with
some shit that I've been avoiding. It's a good and bad
thing. Things have gotten so awkward with Brett that it's
to the point where he will leave the room if I am in it.
This makes me feel so insecure, self-concious, etc...but
then I am dumbfounded when I can still get hit on by guys
that I am not interested in. It's such an odd world.

I have a "pseudo-date" with Billy on Saturday. I had a
feeling that he liked me. I kind of told him it was bad
timing, which is the total truth, with me still liking
Brett and school being nearly over. We are still going to
hang out on Saturday. I just hope and pray that it isn't
awkward or that I come out looking like a bitch. What's

p.s. On a lighter note, Jake, Josh, and Brett (*sigh*),
all got tattoos today. Jake got a crown on his shoulder,
Josh got "Carpe Diem" on the back of his arms, and Brett
got a cross on his left shoulder blade. They are all
pretty bad ass.

"This is where I say I've had enough, cause no one could
ever feel the way that I feel now."
-Dashboard Confessional-
"Saints and Sailors"