worthless lil painslut

my submissive life
2003-04-25 06:02:13 (UTC)

Animal play

i lay naked on the hardwood floor under my master's feet.
One foot pushes my face into the floor and the other rests
firmly on my ass. My hands are tied behind my back. i've
been naughty again and master doesn't want to deal with me
after a long hard day. He watches several hours of
television while i lay under his feet, face to the floor.
He turns off the TV and walks away, but i know better than
to move. Another hour goes by as i lay alone, nake on the

The sting of master's belt on my ass wakes me up. Lazy pig
that i am, i fell asleep! The belt rains down on my ass
until i'm squealing like the worthless pig that i am.
Finally it stops. Now my punishment will begin.

Master grabs my hair and drags me to my knees. He forces a
ball-gag into my mouth. He doesn't even want to hear me
apollogize or beg for mercy. He takes two of the strongest
nipples clamps and attaches them. The pain causes me to
squeal into the gag. Master orders me to moo like a fat
cow. i obey and begin to moo into the gag. He smack my
tits and orders me to moo louder, i obey, but he continues
to slap my udders and order me to moo louder. Tears are
running down my face by the time he stops. The slapping
ends but the painful clamps remain torturing my nipples.

Master again grabs my hair and this time drags me to my
feet. He has me spread my feet several feet apart and bend
my knees outward. He attaches another painful clamp to my
clit and hangs a large cow-bell from it. Keeping my feet
wide apart and knees bent out he tells me to walk around
the room - again mooing loudly. i look and feel ridiculous
walking in this fashion with the bell ringing between my
legs. This time master brings out the cattle-prod to
encourage me to moo louder for him. My ass is repeatedly
shocked as i waddle around the room mooing at the top of my
lungs. Master pauses only to write "Fat Ugly Cow" across
my forehead and tits. He then stands me in front of a full-
length mirror, still with my legs spread and bent, still
ringing my clit-cow-bell, still mooing, and able to see him
come at me another dozen times with the cattle-prod.

Finally master removes the instruments of my torture and
ties me spread eagle in the archway. He tells me there is
only one rule i must follow for the next two hours - the
only sound i am allowed to make is oinking. No begging, no
crying, no screaming, just oinking. Any sound other than
an oink will result in another hour of torture. To signify
that i understand, i quietly oink for him. For the next two hours
master tries to make me cry out in pain. He whips my entire body,
tickles me, shocks me, slaps me, etc. i oink loudly to try to keep
from screaming. My oinks are cries as i struggle against my bonds.
Master just laughs at his piggy and taunts me, daring me to make a
single human sound. He even has me wearing a pig nose with "Piggy"
written across my forehead. He videotapes my pig-performance. He
goes outside for a minute, i hear the hose running, he comes back in
with a bucket of mud. He orders me to oink and squeal loudly as he
smears the mud all over my face and body. Then he resumes the
whipping. Two hours are finally up and i have maintianed my pig

Master tells me i am too dirty to stay in his bed tonight so i am
banished to the cage in the dungeon. i crawl through the dungeon to
the dreaded cage. Master says he enjoyed my animal-side today and
that i will spend the entire weekend being anything other than
human. The only sounds i will be allowed to make all weekend will be
oinking, squealing, mooing, or barking. He puts my uncomfortable
chastity belt on to keep me from enjoying myself in the cage. The
plugs in the belt dig into my ass and pussy but offer only pain and
frustration, never pleasure. The cage is more of a metal box. My
head sticks out the top and my hands out of the sides. Inside the
box i'm on my knees. my nipples are clamped and attached to the
front wall of the box so i cannot lean back. Master turns on the
water torture - a small, constant stream of icy water shoots into the
middle of my back. It will continue all night until that one spot is
aching. i cannot move to avoid it and it will drive me crazy the
entire night. Before leaving, master reminds me that i may only
oink, squeal, moo, or bark during the night if i am uncomfortable -
any other sounds will be severely punished in the morning. With
that, he turns off the light and walks up to him warm, soft bed.