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2003-04-25 04:26:48 (UTC)

An Ode TO Pat

wow that sounds freakishly obbsessive!!!!

i dunno what it is about the guys i like but i think i am
naturally attracted to the one guy that will never like me
in return. it's like i send out a beacon for unobtainable
guys!! they either have girl friends that they have had
for like ever or they see me as 'one of the guys' and i
become a-sexual(by the way it really bites ass to be in
that position!!) but i get over them. seriously i do.
not this time though. FUCK ME SIDEWAYS!!!!!!!! i can't
get over him, and it fucking makes me so fucking mad with
myself!!!!!! because i can't think of any solid concrete
evidence to why i can't get this guy out of my head i have
compiled a list. yes a list. this is my new thing.
making lists. i have made like 10 in the past week. they
help get my thoughts down on paper without the hassel of
writing out entire journal entries. well anyways heres
today's list:

1. he's never done anything remotley mean to me ~ every
other guy i know either hated me in elementary, or junior
high, so it made them really easy to get over

2. out of all the guys i know he is the most mature ~ this
REALLY doesn't say much for the other guys i know, but they
ARE grade 10 boys. you really don't expect much.

3. he's funny ~ even if his jokes are stupid he makes them
funny by how into them he gets.

4. he has a WIKKID smile ~ i'm telling you it's out of this
fucking world! Whoops had to wipe off the drool!

5. his eyes ~ there's just something about them

6. his hands ~ he has artists hands. omg they are SOOOOOO

7. his laugh ~ it just makes you want to laugh with him

well looking back that is a pretty concrete list, and maybe
i'm putting him up on a podium cos i like him, but hey my
friends think he's pretty great too!! not in the 'i wanna
go out with you' kinda way, but more the 'hey you'd make a
really good guy friend' kinda way!!
well there it is. errrrrrrgggggg!! i shouldn't have
written any of those down cos now i'll just think about
them more than i did before!!!

till next time,

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