Inside A Mind Full Of Imagination
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2003-04-25 04:03:54 (UTC)

Operation over, two days ago...

I'm back, and my operation was a success. Well, right now,
we have to see how it's going. I got the eye bandage out
yesterday but now I'm seeing clear in one eye, but really
fuzzy with the other. It's normal of course, since I have
cataract in both eyes. But I have to take it easy and all,
and I won't be able to read for a while I guess, because
I'd need reading glasses. You wanna know how I can type
this up now? Well, before, I used to read really up close
to the screen (like say... 15 to 20 cm from the screen).
Now, using the right eye (which was the one operated on), I
can see the screen over 30 cm which is pretty good. Still,
I can't stress it too much. That means, not staying online
for a looooong time.
Anywayz, I haven't done anything exciting much. And no, I
haven't talked or chatted to "J" for more than a week, I
think. But I don't care anymore. I think my problem is I
get attached too easily. But I think, that's about to
Well, sorry for the shortness of this entry, but as I said,
I can't stress out too much now. I wouldn't even be able to
go to work because my restriction was "can't bend down
because it stresses the eye". And my job mostly consist of
bending down a lot (picking up dropped things on the
floor). So go figure.
Ok, now I gotta go, 'cause I'm getting hungry and a
headache is coming in. Take care, ya'll!!