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My LiFe
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2003-04-25 03:02:53 (UTC)


I am not really mad but I am in a way. Ok You no how ppl
say "I am single and loving it." Well I agere with that in
a way because you don't have to worry about what you are
doing. But I want someone because I want to say he is my
guy and I am the only one he can kiss. I just want some one
to love and have tham love me back you no what I mean. I
love this guy a have a huge crush on him but he dose not
like me like that any more because we went out. But I still
love him its kanda sad too but I mean I relly like him alot
and every time I see him I like him even more. But if I
think about it when we were together it was werid I don't
no how but it was and I don't no if I can trust him but I
like him alot I mean alot. I just wish we were together!