An inconcluded life
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2003-04-25 02:30:40 (UTC)

Cayuco Season's over :(

The cayuco race came to an end. It's been a week now since
I had the most amazing experience in my life. It was quite
a challenge to myself. And I did it. 87 kilometers from
the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean travelling through
the Panama Canal. Not many have done that, and not many
will do it.

There is now a void in my life that I must fill it with
another activity. Practice sessions, busy weekends racing,
etc. I just need to get something to occupy my mind. I do
not want to go back into the vicious thinking cycle. I
would not manage to handle it. I have lost total control
and I lack all forces to keep on going.

After six months waiting for an answer, I finally got my
rejection in the mail. Big hazzle trying to apply for the
stupid program and in the end they did not accept me. No
reasons given. Just not accepted. What really bothers me
is the fact that I had to go ask my frikking boss for a
rec. letter. I have tried to see the bright side, and I
have not yet found it.

I ask the all mighty for peace and strength.