The Boy Looked At Johnny
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2003-04-25 01:11:38 (UTC)

April 24, 2003. Night.

Naively considering future employment prospects.

Although taking some chastisement for Dan for wanting to
move away from Louisville in the (relaitvely) near future,
I can't let that sway me. I love my Red Nails, but it would
take a LOT to persuade me to stay in Louisville for longer
than another two years. How much is a lot? A record deal, probably.
Or realistic propsects at one.

So where will I move? Why, a city where I can secure employment in an
art museum.

What museums? Ones located in urban areas larger and more
vibrant than Louisville. And where rent is not
astronomically expensive (ie, NYC, SF). Preferably east
coast-ish, but not necessarily (obviously). And a good
music scene. Or close access to cities with good music
scenes. As far as the museum itself, one with interesting
art education programs, a good collection and a solid
contemporary arts agenda.

American Visionary Art Musuem. Baltimore MD
Andy Warhol Museum. Pittsburgh PA
Art Gallery of Ontario. Toronto ON
Austin Museum of Art. Austin TX
Baltimore Art Museum. Baltimore MD
Center on Contemporary Art. Seattle WA
Cleveland Center for Contemporary Art. Cleveland OH
Contmeporary Museum. Baltimore MD
Gallery 1313. Toronto ON
Hirshorn Museum, Washington DC
Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, Kansas City MO
Minneapolis Insititute of Arts. Minneapolis MN
Musuem of Contemporary Canadian Art. Toronto ON
Portland Art Museum. Portland OR
Portland Institute for Contemporary Art. Portland OR
St. Louis Art Museum. St Louis MO
Vancouver Art Gallery. Vancouver BC
Walker Art Center. Minneapolis MN

This time next year, I'll have a degree. I'll have the
Warhol and maybe the Speed on my resume, as well as LVAA
and maybe the Indy Center for the Arts, as well as some
nice letters of recommendation (hopefully). Will that be
enough to entreat an entry level gallery attendant or
artist educator position? Oh, I hope so. I believe so.

What will this mean for the Red Nails? Or me and Jessy?

Oh, I don't know yet. I have no idea.

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