SuGaR RuSh
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2003-04-25 00:57:57 (UTC)

kill your television :)

heres sum parts of lyrics by the reunion show cuz they r so
funny and good

***I want it, you need it
Come on baby, let's conceive it
If I fail, will you try?
Oh, no! Don't turn the channel off****

*****Open letter to the editor: here it comes…
I'm sick and tired of this god damn love crap
I'm sick and tired of this alligator love trap
Hey October, won't you come and save the day

You are the one
You are so fresh
You are the one dragging me down
You are…

Oh baby, baby, your breaking my broken heart
And try not to rip my favorite shirt
One more thing, can I have the things that you borrowed
from me
My self esteem, my stability, and my argyle socks

I'm down
Life boat
I'm trapped
Good luck…*****

***I know I'm no angel
Hey, I have no answers
Hey, let's drop the discussion
I'm not making excuses
Hey, there's nothing to say
Hey, let's drop the discussion
Last time I'll ever fall in love again****

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