SuGaR RuSh
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2003-04-25 00:49:59 (UTC)

On a scale from one to awesom (you're pretty great)

hello u. last night was punchline, ohhh lordyyyy i love
them, i love paul. the reunion show is so great...they r so
different. i *heart* them...heres sum lyrics 4 ur reading

*stuck on u*
Oh please cutie
Won't you come and meet me
Underneath the elm outside
We'll hug and giggle
Maybe our lips will wiggle
Spend the day in sweet delight

My mind is so confused
…stuck on you
I want to sink down with you
…stuck on you
I've got this gut feeling
…stuck on you
if I'm the one for you,
then you'll be the one for me

ohh sweetie, honey
I don't have lots of money
To shower you with gifts from brazil
Ohh maybe baby
You know it drives me crazy
When I'm missing time with you

good song...ill share more later...the concert was just
great and i cant wait 2 c a week in july cuz they r so
awesome 2...anywho...i just got back from gettin my cat was skurry cuz i didnt kno what was gunna
happen...and he was puttin my IV in and i cryed cuz im a
big baby HAHHAHA the machine was all like weird like star
trek and i was singin k c and the sun shine band 2 keep
myself calm hmm...what else did i wanna write


sorry i just read sumthin sooooooooooo not gunna
say what it is

uh....ill write later bye

fuck ya later