REMINDER: my birthday is May 31
2003-04-25 00:35:13 (UTC)

Evanescence *cant wait for the mets game tomarrow*..everyone call my cell fone

Evanescence is the best band ever man im tellin u they are
the shit! ive been lysnin to there cd all friggen day
long..they rock my socks

wanna know something funny?

-well im gonna tell you anyway

well july 9th (i remember the day!!!!) i went tooke my
closest friends out to new york..chelsea piers...its an
awsome place only the cool people went ;) well, after that
we finished off the day by goin to a wax museum which
sounds boring but you hadda be there..im scared of statues
after that place lol. well we took mad pictures and stuff
and we finally gave the rolls to shoprite to
develope..well shoprite screwed it up or w/e and
everything was messed up and all the pictures got ruined
cause friggen shpright seems to have had a piece of wood
stuck up their [email protected]#'s..everyone that went up to ny wit me
was really pissed cause these pictures were gonna be
awsome *remember john john:-D!!!!!!* well we lost um and
we couldnt do anything about it. well as ya all know i
went to canada...we tooke pictures and in our car we found
a roll of pictures that enver got developed...well we
developed them not knowing wat pictures there were and one
of the rolls were the pictures from the wax museum!!! GUY
WE GOT SOME [email protected]! lol but the pics from chelsea
piers..which were supposed to be the best! are gone:'( but
we still got some pics..so im gonna show you guys the
pioctures the next time i see you all! I WAS SO HAPPY
THOUGH when i found out about some of the pictures

heather, shannon, stef, kris, and jaimie...MAD MEMZ! lol
it was so fun, it was like the best birthday ever. even
the sleep over we had the night b4 we went to ny was
amazing! and the car ride was great to...we got the cops
called on us that night of my birthday remember guys?

omg everyone that was at my party member changin color
condoms?...gay guys live in that house lmfao0! i gotta
kick outta that one after i found out, and and they have 2
sons 15 and 17! i got a better kick outta that one!

oh yeah cant wait for the mets game tomarrow everyone call
my cell fone so i feel cool!
-love reeda