listen to my silences
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2003-04-24 23:34:22 (UTC)

and so on and so forth

so...feeling better today. i mean as far as the dizziness
goes. but...i had to run out of lunch today. had a
little...emergency. as jamie says, i'm sick. lol.
anyways...something's wrong with sara. she's shaking.
it's weird. scary. but getting better. lack of sugar.
so she's had like three cokes.

speaking of caffeine, i've not been good today. i was this
morning, till i ran out of lunch. but i have a scuse now
to have it. so i've eaten four of my favorite cookies
(fudge grahams) and i drank a starbucks frappuchino.
*innocent look* and i'm going to drink another one before
sara takes me to go get "supplies". sorry, it's a mergency.

but i've done well with the salt. i usually get a meatball
sub when we eat at union, but today i got a cold cut. and
the chips with the least amount of salt. and water to
drink. so i'm good about that. that counts, right?

the talk last night...a good thing. definitely. i know
you can't completely believe me. and that's fine. like i
said i'm not asking you too. i know you will eventually
and i'm fine with the eventually part.

one week and five days. woo hoo! i have two days of
classes left. then finals.

psci final at eight
rel final at twelve thirty (take home so that's good)

wc final at eight

math final at ten fifteen
thtr final at twelve thirty

each final lasts two hours, supposedly. joy.
that's okay though. i have to leave twenty-four hours
after my last final. i'm leaving tuesday because that's
the only time that anyone can come and get me. why does it
matter? because i have to depend on everyone else since i
can't drive. urgh. but brandon is coming up that day to
help me get all of my stuff back home. hopefully we can
get all of my stuff in his car. lol.

one more day of work left at wally world. yay! i still
haven't decided where i'm going to work this summer. the
job at target is better because i'll have set hours, and i
love the people i work for there. but i love the people i
work with at k-mart better. and i like most of the people
i work for there. another thing is that at target i'll
make a dollar more if i work flow team. which is a
definite factor in my choice. that and i don't want to
deal with shit that people cause if people that work
together are dating. i can and will deal, but stupid,
scuse me, stoopid people annoy me. so...i don't know. i
was supposed to decide while i was home, but i couldn't get
ahold of my old boss at target cause he wouldn't answer his
pages. another thing is that i could transfer to the
target here. that would be good.

i got my schedule done for next year. finally.

wc 110 mwf 8-8:50 freshman first semester i wasn't at ue
lit 231 mwf 9-9:50
span 410 mwf 11-11:50 advanced spanish grammar
wrtg 205 mwf 1-1:50

educ 481 t 6-8 sign language

i went and talked to the spanish department today. they
said i should definitely consider a spanish minor. i'm not
so sure about that. i mean, could. and i know i could.
it's just...i'm bored with it. the only reason i'm taking
it is because i need a space filler since my science stuff
didn't work out for the fall semester. oh well. we'll see
i guess.

so i'd be done with classes after two o clock on mwf,
tuesdays are mostly free (the part that's not is a cinch
though), and thursdays are completely free. i loved it
being that way last semester and this semester. seriously,
it's nice. i'm only taking fourteen hours, which isn't
really a bad thing, but it's not a great thing either.
i'll have to make up for it in the spring again. and i
need to choose a major, have some direction in my life.
but i don't. oh well.

jamie and micro, i have to tell you i'm jealous that you
all are going to be touring full time without going to
school. i wish i could do it. i miss you guys and i miss
touring so so so so so much.

final thought: this cookie is scrumptious

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