forever changing
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2003-04-24 23:07:59 (UTC)

girls, guys its all good

i have made a rather interesting self discovery in the last
few days and that is. . .i am bi. yep i am i discovered
this after having a convo with daniel and i realized thati
have a minor crush on j-me and then i have been thinking
about it and i don't have as strong of feelings for david
anymore but then again i don't really have strong feelings
for anyone at the moment. i am not sure if i had mentioned
the fact that tessa and j-me both like dan and well kristen
likes to find out who likes who so she asked dan who he
liked and he said me and j-me. at first the only thing i
could think was no he doesn't no he can't then i have been
hanging out with him at school and stuff and i think i
kinda like him a lil (remember i have no strong feelings
for anyone right now)and well i have realized thatiwant my
next relationship to be one where it is not so emotionally
streining i want a boyfriend where i know it is not goin ot
last and i just want someone to have fun with for a lil
while. i want a boyfriend that is not so serious!!!! oh
well i am just screwed for like that is how i see it. i am
screwed for life so oh well i will just deal with it.