hello kitty cat
2003-04-24 21:25:01 (UTC)


I had the strangest dream, I dreamt my Father was trying to
run around and see my face because since he hadn't seen me
in 2 years he wanted to see "what I looked like" and I
was trying to get away from him so I could take care
of "hatching" these eggs I had.....isn't that the strangest
thing ever? It's a pregnant dream..that's all I fuckin be pregnant. I'm sure it's just a dream. Last
night was a little crazy so of course I'm going to have
crazy dreams. I had a really good time.....and guys should
always buy girls dinner and open our car doors...that was
nice. Because it's not even "like that" with these guys.
They know I'm not interested...but "they're still polite
enough to know how to treat a lady" as Stephanie would say
hahha. I'm so out of it..I can't believe I just NOW woke up.