2003-04-24 19:14:15 (UTC)

on dreaming and waking

Hard to determine what is real sometimes to finite human
minds. But aside from what has not yet been made known to
us on this side of life, reality is relative to each
individual and therefore can never be discredited.

Even my own perception of reality is often too complicated
for me to describe to others who inquire.

You are real to me. My realm of perception includes you
and if you are not real...than neither am I.

I know that if I can't be with you...I am done with
relationships of the romantic nature.

I know that there is only one you.

I know that if you arent the one for me than everything i
know, perceive, feel, think and believe is wrong. Perhaps
that is what scares me the most.

I know that now I don't need to dream of you...because my
waking with you is better than what my subconscious mind
can fabricate.

I know all that is true and honest and good that exists
between us I would not give up so easily.

I know that anything worth having is worth working hard
for. I am up for the challenge. You are certainly worth
more than hard work.

I know that I too, like many before me, but never myself
before this moment declare that I want to give you
everything....but my hands are empty and my tongue is
tied. I have nothing to offer you but time.

So don't ask me if I'm tired. I don't want to close my
eyes and miss out on a moment with you.

In waking or in dream. You are my fantasy.