The Boy Looked At Johnny
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2003-04-24 18:48:58 (UTC)

April 23, 2003. Middle of the afternoon.

Living with Kelly is going to be fantastic. She's been
over, moving things about, and we've been cleaning,
rearranging, etc. The apartment actually FEELS like a home
now -- more than 1001 or Birchwood really ever did. Not
that it didn't feel that way with Jackie, but she had so
many things stuffed in there, and ALL of it was hers, it
was like living with your grandmother: afraid to touch

But anyway, last night Carrie was over, and then Nate and
Joel came over as well, and it was the most cogent argument
for It Is Right And Good That Andy Live In Louisville Circa
2003 that has been mounted in some time. Nate, Joel and I
talked, listen to music, drank, collaborated on a really
awful drawing, watched the White Stripes on Conan.

Thank god for those guys!

(Nate and Joel, I mean, but also the WS's)

The semester is wrapping up. I've not done such a great job
this semester, but that means very little in the long run.
I'll probably have, realistically, a 3.0 this time around,
which is nothing to cry about.

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