REMINDER: my birthday is May 31
2003-04-24 16:51:04 (UTC)

mets game tomarrow

tomarrow im goin to a mets game versus the d-back.


-no needa stress..boys jus sit around and mess...we playin
the d-backs nothin the less...say it together now LETS GO


well lesse...yestorday i went over superwomans house for
her sisters birthday. we went to outback and i saw my
brother there yeah he works there...and so does like
4357398 of kids in our schools brothers and sisters. well
i ate...*explanation of my i am so huge...like a whale!!*
and yea...well b4 we went to "obsh" me nd superwoman took
a walk to food town lol, i was like drunk i was screamin
at birds


hearing impaired child bet you can hear this either!!



*you had to be there lol*

well i cant wait tomarrow, im breakin out my mets
jersey!!! which i rarely wear because it is oh so
preious..im thinkin about wearin it to school though but
if i get a comment you people are gonna get your teeth
brushed wit my dirty sock. oh and if i get anything on it
im gonna make a hit list lol