ton o galaxy
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2003-04-24 16:01:22 (UTC)

if you were wondring

because so many people read this. But if you were
wondering anyway why I've ben writing more freqeuntly lately
it's due to an addiction.I am now the proud owner of a very
time consuming habit thst starts as soon as I wake up and
ends when i go to bed. Chatting. Oh I could be chatting
with tons of people all over the world, but no. I talk
online to one boy in Wisconsin and that's it.
Today i am taking a break. Not only is today a non
smoking day, I cannot let myself get ensnared witht the web.
This is easy,this journaling, no bantering to respond to.
Eventually my mind wiil become bored with this task and I
will decide I smell and need to go to work. Easy. However,
if that boy is involved I will stay on the computer, wear
dirty clothes to work, not pack a proper lunch, etc.
Today is a day of holding back. He is cute, cute , cute.
This is even more reason not ot go there everyday. It's
unrealistic and very far away. If I think he is cute and he
is online all day. A lot of people think he is cute and he
is going to be online anyway.

i feel like i just talked myself off a ledge or something.

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