Absinthe Inspired Ramblings...
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2003-04-24 07:29:22 (UTC)

flutterBys are symiAtrical

I spent a good part of yesterday and this afternnoon
cutting out the butterflies that my cousinns preschoolers
had made for opennn house. I have never seen such talent in
children so young (like it takes much to blob paint onto
paper and fold it in half). But anyways, she paid me $30
for it (well $40, but $10 of it was to pay me back for the
Starbucks run I went on before I got to the school). For
not having a job, I seem to be making a good amout of money
this week. I guess a lot of doors have just happened to
open for me. For example, I got $20 for driving Cristal to
school this morning, and I'm making soaps for a boutique at
Noah's school on Saturday, which i'm hoping will go well,
and Nan wants me to babysit for her next week. Cha Ching!
Of course as it is I owe people massive amounts of money
(well, my mom and Zack), so I have to pay them back soon.
Well, I guess that's enough on that...

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