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2003-04-24 07:19:07 (UTC)

Mr. Jimmy O'Mally

I went to O'Mally's pub tonight with Cristal, Ashley and
Zack. It was fun, but would hve been more fun if "Jimmy
O'Mally" was there. He's this bus boy named Jimmy who
started working there the first night we went there. He
looks like John Mayer!!! He's also really nice, he came
over to our table and talked to us for a while and he told
us he plays guitar and that he'd rather be drinking then
working. (Hey at least he's honest!) I knnow it sounnds
like I have a "crush" on him, but I don't need to (cuz I
have a Zack), I just think he's a really cool guy. Anyways,
my friends are chicken and wouldn't ask our waiter about
him, so I did. He was like "what do you guys know him?" and
we were like, "not really, we just happened to come in on
his first night and we talked to him and thought he was
cool". And then he asked us "are you the girls who told him
that he looks like John Mayer?" And we told him that we
were. And he said, yea, I've known him for like 8 years,
and no one even noticed him until John Mayer became
popular". And we told him that even if he didn't look like
John Mayer we would have noticed him (well, I don't really
think anyone said that, but we ALL thought it - 'cept for
Zack, I'd hope), and that he was really nice to us. And
then he said "Well he's only nice on Tuesdays and Thursdays
*wink*" and walked away. It was great! So now we've dubbed
Thursday Jimmy O'Mally day (well, we haven't yet, so I'm
doing it now) andnn we are going to visit our favorite
little pub at least once a month on that day! Yay!

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