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today is the greatest day
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2003-04-24 06:23:47 (UTC)

A Revision of Forgotten Days

hmmm does that seem like a deep title? i like to make deep
things out of nothing. That's just me! heheh! umm well the
reason why I haven't written in days is that out computer
is screwed. We are getting a broadband connection soon so
that will be very cool, but until then we will have no
net. I am at uni at the moment (though it is the holidays)
but i just decided to pop in here for a sec while I was in
the city. Just to have a chance at checking out my emails
and things cos i haven't been able to do that since last
Friday. Well to make up for all my missed entries i will
write in here a short overview of eachday since my last.
Ok so I spose We'll start with Saturday...

Woke up and went to work. Came home. hung out doing
nothing for a while. Went to Youth. Played drums at youth
and enjoyed that. Got a phone call from Luke while I was
on stage. Didn't answer. Came home. Tried to write diary
entry. Computer Crashed. So began my week without the Net
(quite a change).

Woke up and went to church. Had a nice breakfast. Rushed
from church to the train station so I could catch a train
with Kaelah to her Mum's house. Hung out at Kaelah's Mum's
house on the Gold Coast. Very Cool. Drunk some wine with
Kay and Mum. had some mega Deep and meaningfuls. Enjoyed

Woke up at the Coast. Watched the top 100 make up songs on
Music Max... and watched the top 100 break up songs on
Channel V. Reminisced of sad memories of Love. Felt
stronger. Went home. Hung out with Nathan. Enjoyed myself.

Watched "On The Waterfront" starring Marlon Brando. A very
very very superb film from the 50s with inspiring
performances all round. Hung out with Nathy. planned for
Friday Night. (Carton and Ciggies). Walked the streets
with Nathan and chatted and listened to music. went to
worship pratice. Had a grand ol' time! Came home an
watched Chopper with Nathan at midnight. Went crazy (as
chapper always makes us both crazy0 snuk outside in the
very cold air and had some smokes... we are dick heads

Hung out with my bro again. Sam comes over. We head for
Renee's house. Got to the party way early. Renee is
already drunk. Renee asks Sam for something special in her
drunken state. Take shots of Tequila with nay nay. Drink
some dodgy vodka milkshakes (argh!) Brent and Morgan come
over and save me with a carton of XXXX and smokes.
Everyone leaves. Hang out round the table. chat with brent
about old school days. Morgan stays in somebodies room
(winky face) heheh! I sleep downstairs on the couch. Have
a GREAT time.

Thursday (so far)
Get woken up by morgan and Renee. Get morgan to go bye us
some Maccas for breakfast (yummm) brush my teeth with my
fingers. Head for the City. Cruise the Streets with
Michael (Morgan) and Renee. They go to Work. I head to uni
to do some of my film reviews. Get bored with that. Muck
about on the computer searching for monlogues for
Saturdays auditions. (she'll be right).. hehehe.. in a
happy mood at uni.

Reflections and things that got missed.
I missed metioning the fact that Luke wrote the kingest
song ever and that I am so proud to be able to write music
with that Guy.. some times he is just too good. heheh. Got
phone calls from Gab and Kaelah last night saying that
Phil was being an asshole to them. have no idea what the
bloody hell they are talking about. Oh yeah and this
morning I had like this massive ass talk to this old
Jehovas whitness lady.. that was pretty cool and kinda
funny but also quite interesting. Oh yes and on Saturday
night I had the screwwyest ever phone call with Gab (argh)
why did I call?!??! Oh well.. no regrets... what's said is
said. i don't feel like going into it right now but yeah
if I feel like it later then I may do so.... But also....
I may not. At the moment I am extremelly happy. yay!
Holidays are going very well.. and I'm still managing to
get work done that I had to do so that is very cool. Hmmm
I think I'm staying over Renee's tonight. i hope Phil can
come.. he is a champ! But for now.. bye bye! (won't be
writing here again for a while most likely as my home
still doesn't have the net.) THE END!

haha Jessie is talking to me and she's making up all these
crazy rhymes... aww but now she is going.. bye Jess!
you're beaut!