moe liljew

Could He be for me?
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2003-04-24 06:16:27 (UTC)

geez who thought love?

7 days ago, nick and I shared our 5 month ani.... lol.....
this is crazy ... i love this guy so much! All is going
well... stayin on top of my protime tests, been a none
smoker for over 57 days now, and i am in love with a great
great guy. Super for me! For once I think a year will go
well lol. My "BEST" friend (lol "best" more like crap) is
mad at me, booo hooo .... she is a pooper. My sister's
husband is in Iraq, she will be coming to live with us in a
bit. More naggin than usual is coming my way. Great. Well
heres to life, love and heath.

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