and smashed it into because
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2003-04-24 04:55:13 (UTC)

easter eggs and telekinesis

i have found that, as with many things, when decorating
easter eggs i simply try to hard. i focus so much on
making my egg perfect that i don't enjoy the task, and it
really is pointless because it never comes out perfect any
way. i have come close though...very close, but have never
actually achieved perfection. i always discover a crack at
the bottom, or the dye becomes smudged or spills over an
attempted stripe.

lately i have had many dreams in which i attempt to take
out rage on inatimate objects. in one i was beating my
mom's shower door with a hammer. in another i was flinging
the keyboard at my computer. there is always a reason for
my anger, but not one significant enough to justify such
violent attacks.

and yet in the "non-dream" world, i do not hold any such
feelings or tendencies that i am aware of. strange. i
wonder if it's all being stored up in my subconcious till
one day i snap and go "carrie" on someone.

i hope not...though i've always wanted telekinesis. i
read "matilda" 6 times, fascinated with the idea of being
able to move objects with one's bio partner and i
used to try to knock over pens when class got boring--and
that was pretty often.

i wonder if matilda ever used her powers to decorate easter