My Gay Misadventures
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2003-04-24 03:00:55 (UTC)

Pony Finaly Got to 3rd base...hell, he hit a Homerun.

Well...Where to begin...I'm no longer Parinoid on weather
or not Michael/Pony likes me as much as I like him. I'v
casted away those thoughts and decided to live on with life
accept life as it happens. I called him the other day, and
asked if he wanted to go anywhere...he said yes, then
because of some reason (I forgot) we hung up...Later I
called and then he said he was too tired to go
anywhere...At that point I big wave of "GOD DAMNINT MUTHA'
FUCKA' IMA KICK YER SORRY MUT ASS!" kinnda feelings ran
through me...I said i'd call later, and hung up...Many
hours later, I called, and my lil Pony was wide ass awake.
At that time I didnt have anyplace i wanted to go, and he
was all ancy about goin somewhere...He kept asking if he
could come over...said he'd even walk (we live close, but
not walking distance close)...Skip a few scenes...We pick
him up after a trip to HEB, and homeward we go!...on
another note; Everytime I'v asked mom to pick him up, she's
never argued...She apparntly likes him...which is a first.
Anyway...I dont quite remember what we did that night...I
think just played video games and surf the net...Heh. Once
again he got stuck with a blanket, a sheet, and the floor
for out sleeping iteams...We prolly spent an Hour tryin to
comfi-fy ourselfs...We have this thing called "The Burrito"
in which we lay the blanket on the floor...Each lay on the
edges, then roll to the middle...It is a master genious
plan...if only the blanket was a tad bit bigger...so end up
knockin heads and squirmin around for awile...Durein the
Wrestle for Warmth, We got to kissing and a huggin, and a
bippin and a bobbin...Mins later we'z be naked. Dureing
sometime later, he asks the question that would of lead to
3rd base...Actually it was a string of words that pointed
to the obvious...something like, "Question! *Points to bag
with many many condoms in it...(another story)* Can
we?"...I said no, because I wasnt really in the
mood...Mornin rolls around. We scavenge for breakfast. We
steal kisses all mornin. And we end up in the Bedroom.
After a hardcore make-out session, We'z be naked. again. I
go down on him...(No wait...I went down on him last
night..nevermind) and He goes down on me...yay! I have 6
hot spots down there. anyway, He gets on top of me, and
starts 'pokein' me...obviously hinting toward
something...So i give in and say "There is Lotion in the
bathroom, if yer interested" He smiles and innocently
says "Ok"...heh, "Good" I say, "You get the motion Lotion,
and I'll deadbolt the door. Go." after the preliminaries
were done, We literaly Hop back into bed and start with the
hardcore make-out session again. Enter the Lotion and I
embark on being bottomed in almost a year. It was harder
then I remembered...But after awile, when it was all in and
all...it wasnt so bad...Luckly for me Pony doesnt last
long, so it wasnt that bad...I was on top. The hard part
was taking it out...after the Hornyness has left...the
feeling of anal sex changes dramaticly...Can you
say, "Ouch"? ...Anyway, we showered seperatly, cuz I had to
do the extra cleanseing (a side effect for bottoming which
i did not miss)...Overall. It was nice. We walked around
shirtless after the shower...He has a really nice figure.
(haha, all late in noticeing) Ummm...He had to leave for
practice today...He wanted me to go with, but There was no
room for me in his ride...(we both be car-less btw) But I
didnt mind too much...I needed much needed sleep. He's
ganna be moving soon...I dont know where...but real soon.
This is ganna suck.

(I need to put more paragraphs...meh. next time.)

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