I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2003-04-24 02:48:01 (UTC)

Bored Out of My Gourd

Please just shoot me. I'm sitting here, alone, in a house
that is not mine and just don't want to be here. But if I
left a sleeping 5 year old alone in an unlocked house (I
have no key and the person who let me in is long gone) then
I'd just have to shoot myself out of pure stupidity. *sigh*

I'm just tired of being nice. I really am. I scheduled a
meeting for monday for all my cashiers. I am planning on
having a big chew-out session with them, but I'm a wuss and
there's a very good chance that won't happen. Why you ask?
Because I'm too nice.

Erin is mad at me because I told her I'd come over for
dinner, but I got called up at the last minute to watch
Brandyn so I bailed on her. So, she's mad. Be mad, fine.
What do I care? I can't do everything and I'm burned out
already. I am sorry that you're restless and bored, but I
told someone I'd do something and I will. Deal.

This sucks. I want to go home.


PS- Chris got the teaching fellowship in LA, did I mention
that? Yay for him! :) I'm so proud.