My Heart and Soul....
2003-04-24 02:27:05 (UTC)

April 23

Yea, so I'm getting lazy with the titles....deal.

Uhhmm...what to write, what to write. My life is a little
short of exciting lately. Not a whole lot. I spend most of
my time reading, and keeping up on shit...just so I don't
lose all my smarts before college. Cause that'll be real
tough for me. I'm looking at a school down in FL as my first
choice. It's the same school that my sister Amber is going
to next year, so I'll be near her and her mom and brother.
That will be nice, since I'll be so far from my family. This
is not definate, as Josh has YET to decide where he wants to
go. He is looking at a couple schools. One is Pittsburgh and
one in North Carolina. I'm not really sure yet if I'll be
following him where he goes. Right now, I am very very happy
with him, and we are planning our future together. Neither
one of us is about to compromise our plans for the other,
and he is being the biggest sweetheart, saying that if I
choose to go to FL, he might go with me, so that we can be
together. I told him that whatever he decides, I will do my
best to see that I can go to school near him, because I want
to be with him. I am planning my life right now so that it
will include him. We decided that if we should, in the
future, decide that our lives are not taking the same
course, then we will go our seperate ways. But right now, we
are planning on being together, and want our lives to go the
same direction. My hope: I really want to go to Fl. Kris
said it best, when she said that by doing that, I am living
the dream that I have always had. You guys that know me know
that I've wanted to go to college in FL sine about 7th
grade. Maybe earlier. That has never changed. I love FL, and
I want to get away. What I have to do no is see if Amber can
help me out with finding a job and a place to live. But that
will all come together if it's meant to be.

Other stuff....Things with the family are going great. We
all spent Easter together. I got to spend the whole day with
all my cousins, which was great, cause I don't get to do
that a whole lot, and I miss them all. I also got to see the
in-laws yesterday for a be-lated easter dinner....which was
fun, cause I love my in-laws :-) Prayers for my Grampa
Hall, as he had a hip replacement surgery. He's doing
well...but I'm still thinking of him. Pray for his fast

I also got to see my Dad, and step-monster, and Uncle Tim
and Aunt Cathy on friday. That was GREAT fun! My dad and I
talked and worked things out, which makes daddy's little
baby princess VERY happy, cause I love my daddy more than
anything. (even if we do get a little hard-headed at times)
thanks for being there for me no matter what Papa Bear. I
love you.

my friends-things are ok. Dana James and I have talked, and
worked things out. That is good, cause Dj has been one of my
best friends since I was 3, and I missed having him around.
Thanks for being there for me Dana. I love you. Tj and I
also hung out Saturday. spent about an hour talking. This is
good. I love that kid. You all know that. I don't know what
I'd do without him in my life, keeping me on my toes. Other
than that, things are ok. Just chill...which is always good.
I know a lot of my friends aren't to happy about me talking
about going to school. Most of them have never wanted me to
leave, but it was always so far into the future, that I
guess no one ever thought the time would really come. But
its gonna be here in just a few months, and I'm gonna miss
you guys like crazy, and I hope all of you stay in touch,
and come visit me when you can!!!!!

Joshua--my love. Things are so great. We are happier than
ever. Every day that goes by I just love him more. I'm so
happy I gave things with him a chance. I was very skeptical
at first, but the more I fall for him, the more I know that
it wasn't chance that brought us together. We talk all the
time about our lives together. I can talk to him about
anything, and he never gets mad, never gets upset. He is
there for me at 2 am, when I am having a panic attack. And
he drives a half an hour to take me to Denny's at 12am cause
I want a strawberry milkshake....I love you baby. You are
the most amazing guy I have ever met, and I thank God every
day that you came into my life. I hope things stay just like
this for a very long time to come. I'm not gonna write a
whole lot to him, cause I tell him every night right before
I fall asleep how much he means to me. My love