Whats goin on
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2003-04-24 02:21:37 (UTC)


i am surprised it is still up. well what have i been up to
for a year? lets see. wnet back out with my ex til augest
then she left me for this guy who is now the father of her
soon to be first born, then i asked this really good friend
of mine out, we decided to be friends at the end of it by
december, and we r still great friends. lets see, i found
myself bi for awhile, i was experimenting without the
playing. i also got a job did well in my first year of
college and learned a great deal about myslef, and its true
u can go insane if u do it to much! i heven't gone bind yet
jk. well act 2 scene 2 is the best part in hamlet! NOTIHNG