All That I Am
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2003-04-23 21:04:12 (UTC)


"Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all
its pupils."
-Hector Berlioz

I was reading a college catalog while on break today and it
was showing some of the alums for Pierce College (the one I
want to go to) and what they've been doing in life so far.
You have 20yr olds who intern overseas and go to Hawaii and
do all of these exciting things and I have to admit I'm a
little jealous. My friend Molly even spent a semester in Africa when
she was like 20yrs old a couple years back. I've never really been
jealous of people
with tons of money or success...afterall success is defined
differently from person to person. But what I want to do is
just see the world. I think that has always been my dream
in life, besides being able to fly like Superman and live
forever. To be able to travel all over the place and just
meet new people and do all sorts of exciting things. I
would kill for a job like that. Some sort of traveling job
that I'd love. One thing I've never totally looked into was
French as a major. Mainly so I could do one of the
trillions of translating and overseas jobs that I was
looking at over the web. And they pay pretty good too,
depending on which company you get into. I don't know. I
just want to travel and I've always said it but obviously
it ain't happenin' yet. I need to start setting goals, like
now, on where I plan to be at in the next few years. I'm
going to be freakin' 23yrs old in 3 days. It's not like I'm
70yrs old or anything but life is speeding along and it's
not going to slowdown because of my procrastinating.

Anywho, today has been a pretty boring day. We had a mad
rush of soldiers earlier but it's calmed down since then.
Turns out Mum has strep throat and had to go home.
Hopefully it'll clear up by this weekend and she better
stay clear of my cake cause I can't handle strep. When I
was living in Alaska back in 96-98 I got strep throat like
every other month, it was terrible. And if it wasn't strep
then I caught mono or I had stomach inflamation problems. I
was all jacked up in Alaska. But ever since then I've been
like immune to everything. My only problem has been
allergies. Texas kicked my ass with that. My eyes would get
so irritated that the little pink part in the corner of my
eye, that fleshy part, would swell up and my eye would feel
so fat and it wouldn't stop watering and then they were all
blood was just nasty. Why am I talking about

I'm get off in about 30mins and I'll go to the gym for
about an hour and then I'm off to home where I plan to
hibernate until tomorrow. I've been getting used to waking
up early now but by afternoon time I'm feeling really burnt
out. I don't see how some people can make it on just 5hrs
of sleep a day. But then again some of them have a coffee
i.v. hooked up to them. Well, I think that's all for now,
I'm outta here. Later.

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