champagne supernova
2003-04-23 20:27:23 (UTC)

mc donalds...........

so here i am drinking my fav... orange hi c .... good
stuff... so yea my computer is still broken and i am about
to give up on angelas dad fixing my computer.. im this
close to going to a computer specialist and be like....
fix this here honk o' junk. seriously it pisses me of
that i have no internet, its not angies dads falt... but i
need my net damn it ... very much. so anywho spring break
was wonderful and the elephant man is comming along quit
nicly. i need to learn my 6 lines tho heheheeh. um, so yes
spring break was awesome. i had the best time sitting in
the gutter with denise........... literally heheheh donot
ask ... trust me you get dumb when ur bored... everyone
does. i mean come on there was alot of water and we had
nothing to do... ahh forget it there is no way to redeem
myself now. i quit! ha! no and i am so excited casue i
finally got my airline tickets !!! yes!!! 260$ later!!
im going!! yea!!! im so excited im starting to count the
days again casue im just that excited! 65 days!!! woo -
hoo! and now im in a very good mood its been a very good
day! and i have to go to class now casue the bell rang!
grrrr damn well i was enjoying the song we were just
listening to... why dont u build me up me up
butter cup dont break my heart!!!!