hello kitty cat
2003-04-23 20:09:39 (UTC)

granola for thought...just for you

I didn't expect to hear this from this person, but they're
very right.

nemo: he is a 30 yr old man

nemo: its slim chance in hell that he is going to change
his ways now, he has no idea what he has with you

CzarinaPulseczar:age doesn't matter you knwo that of all

nemo: yeah, but your talking about yrs and yrs and yrs of
repretion in drugs and self denial and who knows what else

nemo: i just dont see it happening if he doesn't knwo by
now, and he's missing out on this (with you) then he really
doesn't have a clue..there isn't much left when you deny
yourself the right to love

nemo: thats why i was saying

nemo: you might wanna keep it on the friend level

nemo: but dont put yourself back into it ...


CzarinaPulseczar: thanks ------, I need to keep hearing
this shit, cause in times like these I don't take my own
advice you know?

nemo: oh

nemo: i know how it is

nemo: ----- and i will always be there to support

CzarinaPulseczar: I knwo and I thank you both for that

nemo: its not a problem

CzarinaPulseczar: I just have to grieve and go on from

CzarinaPulseczar: because this is a loss

nemo: it hurts

nemo: but it isnt a loss

CzarinaPulseczar: not just of him, but of my faith FOR
him because it sucks that he's not going to be able to grow

nemo: you are gaining strength

nemo: and you have learned from him

nemo: and in the next life maybe he will do a bit better

CzarinaPulseczar: it is, it's a loss for me, something I
could hav ehad, and yes I'm gaining strenghth from it and I
have learned

CzarinaPulseczar: I just hope I don't see him in the next

CzarinaPulseczar: cause so far every life I've known him
in he's done this

nemo: if you do this one right

CzarinaPulseczar: and I thought it was going to change
this time

nemo: there might not be a next for you

CzarinaPulseczar: I know

CzarinaPulseczar: it all depends

nemozer0: your doing good kelly

nemozer0: just keep it smooth and simple

And I'm not writing the end to the story, because although
I might know, I am not ready to acknowledge it yet.