hello kitty cat
2003-04-23 19:46:45 (UTC)

last night

Other than talking to Mike last night and realizing he's
not as far along as I thought he was, I had a really great
time. Candice and I ended up going to Mikey's...hanging out
with Brendan and Wess. Brendan just bought a house. It
would suck to live in such a big house all by yourself.
I'll tell you though, last night was fucking weird. I
didn't expect all that to happen. Why do I not have a
problem getting any man except the one I want to be with!?
Why the fuck do I fall for people who are so fucking stuck?
It's almost like they're incapable of growing...and the
thought of growing scares them too much to even think
about. I hate this because it's so out of my control. I
should have listened to Kiley...