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2003-04-23 17:50:15 (UTC)

a bus journey in the dark. the..

a bus journey in the dark. the sky is a flat orangey-grey
expanse of gloom. with no definition, it shrouds
everything in a thick mist. buildings in the distance fade
out as if being sapped of life. its not hard to imagine
they're in the grip of a nuclear winter, that its actually
midday and life goes on as normal in the dark and cold.
cars drive with their lights on, people walk the streets
clothed thickly and warmly, breath clouding as they plod
along, huddled against the freezing air that sears their
lungs. but its actually just a mid-november evening in
leeds and the dark is oddly comforting. the christmas
lights are up, and bright shop fronts beckon with gaudy
colours, tinsel and trees - spend spend spend, as if the
end really is nigh. i pull my scarf up higher and prepare
to step out into the night.

(C) mike curd 2002

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