murder doll

blah blah blah
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2003-04-23 15:43:20 (UTC)


w00t! Today, right after lunch, I'm going to be dismissed.
At 1:30, the buses will!!! Yeah. I'll be
there until next Monday night. Tomorrow, we'll be going to
Wet n Wild...weee!!! hehehehehe.
In other news, CHRIS GOT HIS LICENSE!!! WAHOOOOOO!! this
is soooo great! I cannot wait until I get back from FL,
cuz I'm going to have him drive me EVERYWHERE...hahahaha.
well, maybe not EVERYWHERE, but you get the picture.
You know what sucks though? I'll have to go to Florida by
bus. That's a 20 hour bus ride, so we'll be spending the
night on those damn buses. blah. it's ok though. the stay
once we get there will make up for it. I'm rooming w/ my
best friend :-D.

That's not it, but that's all I can remember. CIAO!