crackheads thoughts
2003-04-23 14:04:46 (UTC)

~*~ Feelings~*~

Im sitting in homeroom with my peoples. I have alot of
things on my mind. Brandon just left, and im really
confused right now,and dont know what to do.

Something just seems really weird and blurry about me and
Brandon. I love him with all my heart..if I didnt then
the "movie" thing wouldnt have happened.I have also heard
things about Brandon and Renea, which sometime another I
will get the nerve to ask him about, b/c if I dont then
that means that I dont really love him, & that I want to
hide things from him..and I dont.

Im just afraid that if I ask him this..that he will break
up with me b/c it could be true, But im not accusing him of
it....but then again I am. But I do trust him, so there for
I should have nothing to be worried about...but Im just

But I will never forget Saturday waz so
great...I cried like the last 3 mornings and nights b/c I
love him so much and Saturday night on the way home
{nothing happened...just the love sappy stuff}waz just sooo

Well, I think im done...There is more stuff that I have to
say but I really dont want to put the rest of my feelings
on a computer{ even though Im about to die} I'll talk to
everyone that read's this later...if you read this {anyone
that I know} reply and tell me what ya think.


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