The void
2003-04-23 12:21:37 (UTC)

hello ;)

i haven't written in this for ages have i? oh well! boo
hoo! so...
I went to the cradle of filth gig!it's was fan-fuckin-
tastic! but also quite scary! i mean, it wasn't exactly my
sort of gig!but after a while i really got into it and i
can safely say i'm a huge cradle of filth fan!they are
amazing live! and really get the crowd going. one second..
need the loo!
* * *

right enough of the cradle gig because i won't stop talking
about it otherwise! ok so me and mazzy r great as far as i
know, can't help thinking the whole thing is a bit
pointless because it's long distance and all that. but i'd
hurt her if i said that to her, i don't want to hurt her at
all, i do care about her alot and she means so much to me,
i just can't help not being able to see the point in this
I'm meeting Terence on Friday, really looking forward to
it on one hand and on the other i'm scared of 'that big
silence' skye will be with me so we should be ok.yeah,
we'll be ok, it's all good, ok stop the panic now vicky.
I like Terence, i used to think he was really
argumentative, but now iv'e got to know him i really like
him.i saw him at the cradle gig, but i was too shy to say
anything.argh stoopid me!ok i'm not gooing to make any rash
decisions just yet,what i mean is i'm not saying that i
fancy him JUST YET.and anyway, what would it matter if i
did? hmm? nothing would become of it, would it?
Euronymous4ever: im reading ur mind
MyZtReZzMoRpHinE: ok what am i thinking? :-P
Euronymous4ever: u know it already
Euronymous4ever: y should i tell u again
MyZtReZzMoRpHinE: coz i asked u to
Euronymous4ever: hmmm
Euronymous4ever: i can read ur mind but i cant tell anyone
Euronymous4ever: cause its ur mind not somebody elses
Euronymous4ever: lol
MyZtReZzMoRpHinE: lmao! clever answer there
Euronymous4ever: i know i am clever lol
Euronymous4ever: *joke*
Euronymous4ever: wish i was lol
MyZtReZzMoRpHinE: lol u are.
no flirting there! SEE!!!!