Absinthe Inspired Ramblings...
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2003-04-23 08:00:36 (UTC)

What's my inspiration?

Have I lost my passion? Have I lost everything I love for
the sake of practicality? What doesn't singing make me
happy anymore? Have I lost my inspiration? My joy? If I
have then why do I live on? If you take someones passion,
you take their life. Have I taken my own life, or have I
just assumed a new life? A new role? A new passion? Why is
everything so complicated? What is my escape? Is that why I am going
crazy? I need to find a new escape if singing no longer helps me. I
need to find something that makes me happy, that makes me smile, and
do it when I'm feeling down. What is that thing? I think my passion
for singing was shattered when I overworked my voice last semester.
What makes me happy? When I find that thing, that one thing, maybe
things will get better for me, or at least no seem so bad.

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