files of the weenie kid
2003-04-23 04:45:36 (UTC)

my show

Well, overall, I think it went over pretty well. It was a
really long night. We didn't play till 11 at night. But I
think we did pretty good, I got hecka compliments, I was
kinda nervous, and I messed up a few times, but I didn't
stop playing or anything, I just kept going and pretended
like I didn't mess up. Del got it all on tape. I need to
work on my stage presence. I was moving a little bit, but I
should've moved and rocked out more, I prolly would have if
it was a little earlier in the night....oh well. So I'm
officially in a band! This is pretty cool. But I haven't
heard from the guys since that night, maybe they ditched
me. HAHA! They gave me $30, for playing that night.

I'm gonna go down to McDonalds tomorrow sometime and try to
get a jobby job. AHHH, i don't want it!! I got the new Five
Iron CD today!! It's cool.

I've decided that boys are the devil, all of them. Oh, the
other day I got mad at Nathan for the first time....I was
kinda mad cos my mom was hasseling me about insurance, and
so I told her just to cancel mine, then I went in my room
and sat down next to him, and first thing he does is he
hits me right in the face. I got hecka mad, I was
like "dude, don't hit me." then I wouldn't talk to him for
a little while. he kept saying sorry, but I was mad, so I
just ignored him. Then today he apologized again, and I
said it was okay. He said he wouldn't hit me anymore...and
I told him I don't care if we're playing around, but don't
do it when I'm already pissed off, cos it'll just make it

I've been working out 6 days a week...and I think that if I
keep doing that and I change my eating habits, I'll start
seeing some kind of results. =) That would be awesome!