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2003-04-23 04:36:53 (UTC)



Do you ever wonder what i'm doing at any moment
does anything ever remind you of me from before
do you ever miss me so much you would do anything
and would drop everything if i walked through your door
do you ever imagine how life would be if we were still close
if you hadn't moved away and you were still right here
and that all this time we've lost since we've been apart
was somehow forgotten or could just somehow disappear
i know all things happen for their own significant reason
and somtimes those things we want just aren't meant to be
things must take place when they are supose to take place
and should just be left up to fate and to destiny
but what we want so much are things we cannot change
and we don't know what we have until its gone away
then we regret losing what we never payed attention to
and wish it were given back to us somehow, someway
I can't help but wonder what your doing at certain moments
and being reminded by things of you from the times before
i can't help that i miss you so much i would do anything
and i would drop everything if you walked through my door.

-Ashley L. Archer

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