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2003-04-23 04:15:40 (UTC)

Enjoy The Silence

I don't know what to write here... nothing is really on my
mind.. I have no boys to complain about... my grades are
ok.. my friends are all good.. I could complain about
myself some more.. but theres no use in that. I don't have
any complaints as of instead of complaining, I
search for things to complain about.... it's like.. when
you're talking to someone you've never met..or you barely
know.. theres always that uncomfortable silence... and you
scramble for something to say.. and hope that the person
you're talking to will think of something first. I wonder
why those silences are so uncomfortable...why does everyone
feel that they need to be talking or listening to someone
talk? People are at their best when they're silent...
silence gives people time to think... and if people took
the time to think.. they'd have better things to talk
about. Silence shouldn't be treated as a bad thing.. the
world needs more silence.. so do I.

Title:Depeche Mode

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