48 shades of darkness
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2003-04-23 02:09:54 (UTC)

What to do, are we expecting or..

What to do, are we expecting or not?
I kinda hope we are but I know it can't work
Not right now,at this point in our lives
I want to have this new life,but we can't deal with it now
I don't want you to go through the pain,cause I will be to
with this decision we have to make.If thigs to be different
I would love to, but they are complicated now. We could be
a happy family, but i know it's for the best,don't want
this descison but if we face it I want you to know I want
to keep, for I will love and make it work, but emotionally
I know you can't. I Love You baby no matter what, someday
we'll be a happy family, someday.

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