Diary of an American Witch
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2003-04-23 01:42:45 (UTC)

A very long weekend

We had a long weekend at work. Friday, saturday, sunday,
and monday. And I was very happy about that. But my
weekend really started on thursday night, when I went to my
friend Ash's house, and introduced her to the two greatest
anime shows on earth. Trigun, and Inuyasha. Her roomate
Chad was there, he's a nice guy, but he does not like
anime, and any guy that does not like anime does not have
the depth of character I require for a suitable dating
possibility. I know that sounds stuck up, but I have
things that I look for in a guy, and every time I have
broken one of those rules, the guy turnes out to be a jerk.


On thursday night, I drank a little too much skanky wine,
and had a bit too much shmoke, went home in a great mood,
and crashed. On friday my Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin came for
a visit. I ended up listening to stories of my Mother's
childhood that were very entertaining, and watching the new
Harry Potter, and that movie Spirited Away. Both were
fantastic films that I reccomend highly. On saturday, we
went to my Grandmother's house, and had one of those family
get-togethers, that involve lots of beer, and more old
stories. It was great. Sunday my sister and her husband,
and two kids came over, and we had an easter egg hunt.
Wholesome fun was had by all. On Monday, I contacted my
literary agent. The search for a publisher continues.
Although it is only my collection of children's books that
are soon to be published, I can't help but be excited at
the thought of being a real, honest to Goddess paid writer.

Life grows better by the second. Everyday, I find
something new to smile about. Im finally doing what I want
to do with my life, and it feels wonderful.

Sorry, but that's all for now.

Happy Thinking