Montana bound
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2003-04-23 00:34:50 (UTC)

The Last Straw

I can't take it anymore. I hate to do this, God knows I
tried to avoid it, but the game is up. Everyone has a
breaking point and mine has been reached. Until they can
all come forward and honestly tell me just what the Hell is
going on, I don't want to have anything to do with any of
I'm not trying to preach, I know I'm not perfect. I've
made mistakes in the past, but they've been rectified and
I've since tried to keep clear of the whole damn mess.
Natalie says Skeeter says Josiah says Batman says the
Tooth Fairy says the Easter Bunny is throwing a fit because
autumn's been cancelled this year. That's what I get when
I try to listen to the "vine;" sixth hand information that
wouldn't make sense even if you went to the source.
Simply put, I've had it. No more. I've still got
Allison and the guys. They've kept me going for years
before the stage for all this shit even entered my life, so
I'm sure I can remain content with them now.

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