Montana bound
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2003-04-23 00:27:55 (UTC)

Wine, Women & Song

Well, according to what I've been told yesterday,
friendships require a certain amount of mutual caring.
Imagine that! Such profundity, it must be a revolutionary
point of view! I'd better write that down somewhere else
and store it in a safe place lest I lose this or forget!
Okay, my rant is over for now, thought my wells of
sarcasm and cynicism are still brimming over. I just don't
understand people sometimes.
The problem is caring, of which I presently seem to be
in short supply. That's what I tell everyone, anyway.
Face it, that's a lot nicer than telling them I don't want
to see or speak with them in the foreseeable future.
Unfortunately, before I can bail off this train and let
the rest of the world roll right on down to Hell (or up to
Heaven, however they decide; frankly, I don't give a damn
one way or the other), there's a little but slowly growing
mess to clean up.
If you really want to know the qualities of your
friendships, go out and try something which everyone has
always thought is wrong. In my case, it's the classic
formula for the destruction of a man.
Wine, women and song!
I don't live like a righteous LDS believer; neither do
they. I stop going to church alltogether; no problem, they
sometimes don't want to go, either. I find fault with and
criticize the LDS church; they not only don't mind, they
join in.
I begin spending more time with a friend I've known
longer than all of them, however, and suddenly I've
overstepped the boundaries. She enjoys parties and
drinking, yet she is condemned by people who have done time
in juvenile detention centers for violent behaviors, as
well as gone through rehabilitation programs for drug and
alcohol abuse problems so severe that they had become
destructive not only to themselves but to society as well.
Hypocrisy at it's finest; and by those who have always
professed to fully condemn hypocrites, no less.
Best of all, they claim their motives for this come from
their friendship with me. I may not have known them for a
full year yet, but even they should know I won't throw
myself onto the rocks of destructive behaviors. However,
as it's been scientifically proven that any substance meant
for human sonsumption, if taken in moderation, can actually
be beneficial to one's overall health, they have no
legitimate grounds from which to protest my knowledgeable
experimentation based on simple yet healthy curiosity.
I know their feelings are genuine, and I appreciate
their concern, but I'm happier now than I've been in
years. I don't care if Allison's not perfect, what woman
is? Hell, if it came right down to it, I could point out
at least ten flaws in Alyssa. I wouldn't want to, but if
Skeeter's going to keep assaulting Allison like that, I've
got to do something to shut him up. He doesn't know her
nor what she's been through, so he has no right to judge

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