The meanderings of a mind
2003-04-22 23:16:55 (UTC)


in the early days it was too good to be true. any momemt
the new foundation could topple, dragging down the
shattered remnants of a tender heart-devastated. the pain
of every goodbye was wrenching and possibly the last-a
permanent goodbye. years later on solid ground, it is no
longer necessary to cling too long or kiss too deeply just
say I'll see you later. Goodbyes lose their ability to
stab wounds of doubt and fear. goodbyes become mere steps
over the flowing water of time. simple pauses and restarts
no crashing end or stubling beginning. but soon the pain
of goodbye returns with the realization that for however
little time you are letting part of yourself go, you don't
fear the change they might not return, but you fear not
knowing who you are for anytime because you arn't whole.

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