thats absurd
2003-04-22 22:23:20 (UTC)

What hauh?

She helped him write the poem!
she helped him write the poem !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AH! oh sweet lord! she helped...him...write...the...poem

I hacve absolutely no idea WHAT i am saying...MAN thats
So (dammit!) so (DAMMIT)...
I notice that everyone likes to pretend they are in some
"soap Op-er-ah" or at least that what it seems.


"hey, did you hear. 'person x' likes 'person y' to the
dance but 'person L' is jelous and 'person "egg"' knows"

"*gasp*, aou hell no"

" oh hell yah! and there is a beautiful clone prostitute who
loves tem all...or at least thats what i heard through a
long line of stupid people who like to make up crap that
aint true."

see what i mean. it is rediculous.

and thats all i have to say...about that...

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