All That I Am
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2003-04-22 22:09:30 (UTC)

No Pain

"I'm not into working out. My philosophy: No pain, no
-- Carol Leifer

I'm kinda feeling that right now. Should I workout? I know
I'm going to be hurting because I haven't eaten a damn
thing today and I have zero energy in the tank for running.
I guess I'll go because I want to look fabolous and all. My
day has been boring as all hell. I hate working the morning
shift. I'm tired and hungry and cranky. I got Felicity
Season 1 on dvd and I forgot how good of a show that was.
It's an awesome show and I know I loved it when it came out
in like 1998 (I think) because I was also starting out in
college...blah blah blah and basically I could relate. Okay
maybe I won't go to the gym today and just go home and
sleep until next week. I need a gym buddy because it's hard
doing this on my own. I need some outside motivation. I'm
getting like waves of sleepiness and I'm about to hit my
head on the computer. I was so close to getting the phone I
wanted for free today but and their damn loop
holes....blah blah blah I can't get it for free afterall.
Four more days until my birthday! This guy just signed in
and good lord his neck was like pure muscle and almost as
thick as my thigh! Wow he has like -10% body fat. Anywho, I
get to leave in 20mins, woohoo! Okay maybe I will go to the
gym...dammit. Later.

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