hello kitty cat
2003-04-22 21:20:30 (UTC)

the obvious

he doesn't even care..

If I would have known I didn't have to work today I would
have gone to Victors after all....and let him cook for me.

Chelsea left yesterday, I always have such a great time
with her. I wish she still lived here.

Bridget it also making plans to come down here and visit. I
wonder if I'll ever end up back in Chicago, this morning I
was thinking about if I would have gone there instead of
coming back here...Alex is moving back to New York this
coming year...and Candice is going to transfer to UT San my 2 best girlfriends are know?
And my absolute best friend can't even tell me the
truth...or give a fuck I guess. So where does that leave me?

ALWAYS TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS because it was all there. I
just wanted to ignore it. Too good to be true for a while.
And I liked it that way. I just wanted to have something
stable. But whatever, now that I've slept the day
away...I'm going out.

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