Shellie Benellie

Me and My Life
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2003-04-22 20:36:03 (UTC)


It's been such a tiering day today. I dont like it when it
rains during the day because it makes me want to go to
sleep. Plus I did not get to see "him" today which kinda
suxed moose balls!! I hope it decides not to rain the rest
of the week because like i said i do not like rain it is
kinda a scary thing!! School was so boring i like fell
asleep in every class and i didnt have studyhall which
really blowed! then i went to babysit and they watcheda
movie with ment i did nothing which was good but i couldnt
go to sleep. lol then i come home and nothing is going on
here and there is nothing to eat i mean i dont want HAM!!!
i have had it for like three days straight its not good
anymore unless its ham salad lol anyways that all that
happened today boring huh!!