SuGaR RuSh
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2003-04-22 17:48:40 (UTC)

this blows.

yeah im in 8th per and i was @ my locker w/ jd and boop and
Uf walks past and says hi 2 me...ya he says hi 2 me
then...not when i IMed him last night and he totally
ignores me...FUCKER!...ya..."he" didnt really talk 2 me in
hr 2 day...i like him...but his name is gunna b "him"
or "he" in this cuz i dun want everyone to know cuz i dunno
if its bad 2 like sum1 when u have a bf but like im only a
teenager once so im gunna have a whole lotta fun while it
last so f everyone lol 2 morrow night is punchline and its
gunna b great 4 more reasons then one *wink*wink*

ya im in typeing class...not doin my work, but i am typeing
in a way...uh yeah this blows and im gunna go ill write
teacher commin..ahhh

kissy kissy w/ toungee LOL