hello kitty cat
2003-04-22 16:11:27 (UTC)

this morning

I wake up thinking ...god I need more sleep..I don't want
to have to bake cookes for fucking 6 hours.
*drive to work*
half an hr later...
*get there*
my boss says-hey you know that court case I told you about,
well I have to work on it today, so we aren't going to work
today, but I want to pay you for your time. I want to give
you a free dinner at the bistro.

TOO bad that I fucking work at the bistro, and TOO BAD he
already gives us a plate of whatever he is serving the
guests for free.

-on another note-
I hate the fact that I miss him.

-moving on-
Dan called me from Florida, he's there for another 8 days.
I really don't want to be in a relationship...there is no
one else that I want to be with like that...and I don't
need the stupid ass bullshit that obviously comes with it.
I give up. I just hate taht I'm gonna have to tell Dan all
this...cause he thinks he loves me....and I know how it
feels to be fucking rejected. BUT that wont keep me from
telling the fucking truth.